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The Corendon Case

Corendon was founded in 2000 and started out as a travel organization specialized in air travel to Turkey. Because this turned out to be a huge success, Corendon has grown into one of the largest tour operators of The Netherlands and Belgium. They now offer flights to more than 50 different destinations in- and outside of Europe. Corendon accommodates holidays of more than 750.000 Dutch and Belgian passengers each year. One of the reasons they can pull this off, is because they have their own airline and their own hotels.

The problem

Because Corendon has grown tremendously in less than 20 years, they have also had an enormous increase in their number of employees. From hostessess and stewards to service engineers and marketing specialists, Corendon has a wide variety of career opportunities. At the start of their growth it was relatively easy to find suitable applicants for the job openings, Corendon was able to keep growing partly because of this success. But nowadays it is quite hard to find the right professionals for the vacancies. The recruitment costs are high, the routes are long. Additionally, the offer of suitable applicants in the Randstad is quite low, especially when you are looking for a specific type of people.

The solution

This is the moment Karreer comes into play. The traditional recruitment methods focus on the people that are actively seeking a job, but this is only a small portion of all the professionals. Of these professionals, the latent job seekers form the largest group. Karreer focusses on these latent job seekers, because we find this group the most interesting. As we have said before, Corendon has a wide variety of vacancies. With our unique algorithm we are able to find suitable candidates for all of those vacancies. Corendon can then choose the candidates they think are most suitable for the job, off of the list we have created with our algorithm. This has very often led to success.

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