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About Karreer

For years recruiters have primarily focused on companies, which pay them to conduct a search. Candidates have often felt as the product of this transaction. We believe the candidate should be the hero: that is our starting point.
Most great candidates are busy with their current jobs. They don’t have time to look around for new opportunities and usually don’t have an up to date CV. Karreer is all about bringing back the fun in this process and meeting the needs of the candidate! We replaced the recruiter with an algorithm. Therefore, instead of the recruiter, you can profit from the fees the companies provide for finding the right candidate.

The candidate is our hero

Your profile and your time are valuable so we think it’s only fair that you get paid for it. After creating a quick personal profile with your experience and education, the second step is playing the game. Instead of updating your CV you play a fun game which builds a profile of you. The game consists of different items: hobbies, logical thinking, funny dilemmas, skills et cetera. Our recommendation is to finish at least 80% of the game items in order to make the best possible matches with companies. After you’re done, the algorithm will try to find the best jobs possible for you! Play the game, stay in control of your profile, get matches with interesting companies and only disclose your personal details if you want.

We find your dream job for you

From our point of view, people get more motivated when they’re offered an incentive. Therefore, a unique system was created that once a match has been made, there is an instant reward for the person that has been matched. So in the process of finding a new job you already start earning! Also, you can stay anonymous as long as long as you like. In order to connect with a company, at some point you have to reveal your identity – but you are in control and can decide if you’ll allow that.

We believe in people instead of resumes

Every time your anonymous profile ends up on a shortlist you earn money. Every time a company requests your full profile and you agree, you earn money and we will also pay you for your time if you get invited for a first interview. The first 300€ you earn is your participation fee, which we use for administrative purposes. All funds earned above this threshold can be paid out to your bank account!

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