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What is KARREER and why do you need it

KARREER is a unique online platform where you can manage your own career anonymously — and even make money in the process. After updating your profile you show your preferences and skills by answering questions in the game. Based on your answers we are able to select interesting job opportunities. No more recruiters, you are in control.


We are always trying our best to get the world’s greatest companies involved with our platform.
Therefore, we can offer our users the best jobs available. That’s why we partnered with:

We value the asset
the asset is you

Better job opportunities

After filling in your personal profile and playing the game, we are able to connect you with companies that are a great fit for you. Our algorithm is uniquely designed to match you, based on soft skills among others, with companies that are looking for people like you! This allows us to provide you with  the best job opportunities.

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Always anonymous

It’s up to you to decide when you want to reveal your identity – if at all. You can stay anonymous if you want, but in order to connect with companies you will have to reveal your identity at some point. Once a company has requested to get in touch with you, you can choose whether this specific company can unlock your profile. Anonymity is one of the things we value most at Karreer.com.

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Make easy money

Create an anonymous profile and make money. Start earning after playing the game, inviting friends or connecting with companies.
Your profile is valuable! Companies are willing to pay good money to get in contact with you. Why let recruiters profit from this? Take control, start earning and in the process get in contact with interesting companies. Every time your anonymous profile ends up in a longlist you earn money. If you agree to disclose your full profile to a company and get in contact with them, you will be further compensated.

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Why take our word for it:
let our users persuade you.

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Back-end developer

‘For me, the step to start looking for different jobs was a big one. I wasn’t unhappy at my workplace but I realised it could be better. Therefore, I created an account at Karreer.com and I haven’t regretted it ever since.’

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Financial advisor

‘Karreer has enabled me to switch jobs easily, and if necessary I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to start using it again. That’s why I keep my profile updated: I’m not actively looking for a different job but otherwise I might miss out on amazing opportunities.’

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Content marketeer

‘Within two weeks after registering at Karreer.com, I already had five matches! I started working for one of the companies I had been connected with and ever since I can't imagine myself working anywhere else.'

Karreer for businesses

Why use Karreer for your business?

We have a platform with our own unique database of professionals, they are professionals on the highest level and are not available on other recruitment platforms.

All our professionals are:

✔ tested and approved by our Karreer AI algorithm;
✔ exclusively available on this platform;
✔ the best value for your money;
✔ matched with our own analysis and data features.

If you would like to try Karreer for Business, just fill in the form and we will help you to get your best candidates immediately. We give you the best value.

Karreer is working for the best companies in the world.

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