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Make money while being bothered with job offers: putting recruiters out of the game and ending all unwanted job offers that professionals get. Start-up Karreer wants to put the recruiters out of the game and put an end to all the unwanted job offers professionals get. In fact: They give money to the people that are approached for a job.


Job seekers receive money when they make their resume available: taking the middle man out of the equation. The new website thinks that recruiters make too much money. At this site, candidates get payed to provide certain information. The employers pay to make a search via data. The middle man (the type wearing a suit) is out of the picture.


New job? The applicant gets paid, not the recruiter: even before the job interview takes place or the new job is in the bag. Normally a recruiter makes money when he or she manages to place a suitable candidate in the right place. The start-up Karreer wants to do things completely different: not the recruiter but the applicant gets paid, even before the job interview takes place or the new job has been landed.

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After filling in your personal profile and playing the game, we are able to connect you with companies that are a great fit for you. Our algorithm is uniquely designed to match you, based on soft skills among others, with companies that are looking for people like you! This allows us to provide you with the best job opportunities.

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