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✓ CEO – Björn Berg-Andersen
✓ CTO – Schelte Meinsma
✓ CCO – Randolph Mackay

Law Firm
De Vos & Partners

‘t Hout 193                              &                   Nieuwe Gracht 3
9723 LC Groningen                                  2011 NB Haarlem

Web application, mobile applications: iOS & Android

Personal investment                                         

NOM investment

How do we connect employees to companies?
✓ We use an algorithm that is based on swiping. It looks a bit like tinder. Our algorithm is able to make the best connections between employee and company based on data from both employee and company
✓ We have data from 8 different personality tests
✓ 25 AI recruiters are active 24/7, every recruiter works on its own way. All of them look at different things. They communicate together, in combination with data (bots)
✓ Big data makes it possible to be predictive

Our database
To date, our database consists of over 15000 professionals, of whom over 2000 developers. We are in business with 8 companies so far.

We are currently doing a pilot with five companies to optimize our algorithm (DataProvider, INDI, Sunweb Group, DUO & Transavia).

Our database is filled with professionals all over the Netherlands. Currently, this is the distribution of our professionals per city:
1. Amsterdam 18%
2. Groningen 15%
3. Utrecht 12%
4. Rotterdam 10%
5. Arnhem 7%

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