Full Stack Developer

Can you switch from one part of the application to another without problems?

Because of our growth, we are currently looking for a full stack developer. As a full stack developer, you will develop new functionalities for multiple applications. It is a real hands-on job in which you need to analyze, develop and evaluate complex systems. You need to be persistent until things have been figured out and have great powers of concentration to create order and structure. To sum up, you will make sure everything goes swimmingly and the required quality is assured. Based on our unique machine learning-based algorithm, we are looking for someone who is either a Scientist, a Duty Fulfiller or a Mechanic.


You are a collected, analytical and creative individual who loves difficult theoretical challenges.


You have the ability to concentrate, work through a variety of problems and perform well in flexible environments.

Duty Fulfiller

You have excellent organizational skills, lots of perseverance and feel the urge to create order and structure.

Your responsibilities

Some of your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop code of high quality based on best practices and prepare excellent documentation;
  • Translating designer mock-ups and wire frames into front-end code;
  • Work effectively and independently on assigned projects;
  • Collaborate with other developers to design and optimize code;
  • Resolve support tickets and provide solutions on issues.

Ultimately, the ideal candidate is familiar with all the layers of software development.

Your qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT-related discipline;
  • Good verbal and written English;
  • Familiarity with browser testing and debugging;
  • The ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment;
  • Proficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript (jQuery).

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